Wednesday, June 2, 2010

p.d.c. here i come

[re-greening the suburbs via flickr]

Woooooooooo... I am very excited because I've finally signed up to do something I've been wanting to do for ages!

I am going to do my Permaculture Design Certificate!

Ever since I have attended my first Permablitz, I have heard attendees talk excitedly about how they are completing their PDC or how they recently completed one or reminisce with people they completed the course with.

Basically it's a recognised course that covers a broad range of subjects to provide a holistic overview of permaculture systems and sustainable living.

There are variety of ways of doing the course. There are residential courses where you go and spend 2-3 weeks on a site, intensively learning and applying principles in practical activities. But it can be a bit hard for those working full time to arrange time off to do the course in that format.

There are also a few places that offer the course as a series of weekend classes stretching over several months.

Either way the courses tend to be quite pricey, between $800 to $1000 for 70-80 hours from what I have seen. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this in the latest edition of PIE (Permaculture Melbourne newsletter):

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Not only is this course offered outside of regular working hours, it's also government funded so only $395! Actually affordable! The only thing is that I will have to drive out to Monbulk at least once a week for a few months but I don't mind. That's out near The Dandenong Ranges where we recently got married and will be about an hour each way. I think I'll barely notice it because I'll be so excited.

I think most people that do PDCs do it out of personal interest really, but I have met so many people who said it really was a lifechanging experience for them. The principles and philosophy behind permaculture are really holistic applicable to so many areas of life, not just the backyard!

So I rang up 9am the morning after I saw this ad and signed up! There have been courses before that I've been interested in and tried to enrol but they were booked out already so I certainly didn't want to miss out this time, especially at that price. And it's being taught by Pete The Permie who I've heard from about the traps. I believe he's a bit of an expert in heirloom fruit trees and has an except nursery up in Monbulk.

FURTHERMORE this works out rather perfectly as our newly-wed Permablitz has been postponed until October as POW's activities have been halved while I was in the midst of wedding planning and incommunicado. Which means we will now be having a Spring-time 'blitz, which is quite good really because the warmer months are always a bit easier to get the volunteers along to. We were originally aiming for August, mainly so we could get some barerooted fruit trees in BUT as it turns out, POW are taking over helping manage the heirloom orchard at Werribee Mansion and soon there will be grafting workshops and it will be possible to get grafts for really cheap! Funny how these things fall into place.

PLUS by that time I will have a several weeks of the PDC under my belt and will be able to apply some of this in our own back yard. Stay tuned...


Christie said...

wow Mrs Moo - this looks so exciting! Looking forward to hearing updates from your course