Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grow it, Graft it!

Asian (or European?) Plum 'Golden Nectar' Graft (Wrapped)

Low and behold, I recently discovered that despite my lack of postings the past few months, people are still reading my blogs. So I best start updating more regularly huh!

Permaculture Out West just announced a Grafting Workshop next weekend. I have heard excellent feedback from the grafting workshops held at Braybrook Community Garden in the past but never been able to attend one myself. This one will be run by some of the same people so I am going to make sure I get down to this one though.

From what I currently understand, grafting is where you get a plant with a strong 'root stock' - good strong, root structure and you graft another plant onto it that might not have as strong a root stock as the one you are grafting onto. Commonly this is done with fruit trees. The trick is in where joining the two together - where to cut each plant, how to join them together, how to avoid either getting any disease into their open 'wounds', knowing what graft will take onto what stock. I have never tried it myself but am quite excited to learn. We visited an open garden a few years ago and there was an elderly Greek man there showing how to make simple grafts. In the garden they had grafted all sorts of things, the one that I was most impressed by was an eggplant on some kind of strong perennial root stock - with eggplants the size of footballs hanging off it! You also can graft several different types of plants onto the one root stock - sometimes you see those 'fruit salad' trees - one root stock with several different fruit trees grafted onto the one tree. Not sure how successful they are in the long term but great idea for those short on space!

Anyway I can't wait to find out more and have a go myself. Just $15 and you get to take home your own grafted fruit tree, bargain!

Grafting Workshop
Learn the tricks of grafting your own fruit trees for your backyard orchard in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of opportuniuty for asking questions and learning with people witrh similar interests to yourself.

Held at:
Maidstone Community Centre
21 Yardley street Maidstone (enter Via Gibb Street gate)
Sunday, August 15,
10:00 AM until 1:00 PM
Tea and Coffee provided

Cost: Only $15:00 per person PLUS you get a newly-grafted fruit tree to take home!

Numbers strictly limited
Book via the POW website:

Brought to you by Permaculture Out West
Werribee Park Heritage Orchard


Diana said...

Dear Moo,

I recently got engaged and came to your website to check out your wedding blog, only to discover that it is gone!
I really liked some of your ideas. Is the blog still around?
If not, can you give me some details about your venue in the Dandenongs and where you got your flowers from?

Thank you!

moo i made it said...

Hi Diana! Thanks for your message - it's certainly still there! It's moved though. You can go here though -