Sunday, February 6, 2011

passata passions

Oh woe is me.

All my life I've dreamt of finding an Italian family willing to adopt me as a long lost cousin, just a few times a year - but especially during the great passata making festivities!

And here I am, so close and yet so far -- 

On Sunday 27th February, there will be a local Sustainability Expo, just around the corner from our house, where they will be doing a great big tomato bottling session with the local community. FOR FREE! Alas, we're already committed to going to another workshop that day.

So here I am passing on the info to the rest of you. With any luck our workshop will get postponed to another week :(

Preserve the Harvest - Preserve the Planet - Sustainability Expo 
Sunday, February 27, 2011. 10AM - 2PM
Maidstone Community Centre
21 Yardley Street Maidstone

Hold onto your tomatoes! This is the event you have been waiting for.
Have you ever watched one of those foodie programs on TV, where four or five generations of one family get together to cook-up and bottle a years worth of tomatoes? Have you ever wished you could be part of an event like that? Well, here is your chance: Everyone is invited to come along and join in the very first Maribyrnong Community Tomato Bottling. Learn the dying art of turning your excess crops into homemade food for throughout the year.
BUT WAIT! -there's more!
Fruit and Vegetables for all
We will also have activities, displays and expert presenters to inform you about Fruit preserving, Home food drying, Bee keeping, Budding and grafting fruit trees for the home garden, making 'Local Lemonade' and herbal teas, and Permaculture Playgroups. There will also be displays by local providers of products and information for your sustainable lifestyle and much, much more.
 And of course, we're going to keep you entertained and well-fed: There will be local musicians, a Henna tattoo artist and Face painting for the kids (maybe have you child painted to resemble your favourite dried fruit!). Have a bowl of pasta smothered in the sauce you just helped make. Grab a locally-made Halal sausage, cooked by locals on the local barbecue!
A fun and information filled day for the whole family.

"How much will all this cost?" you ask. And we answer "Zero, Nada, Nuffin',
Not a cent! It's a FREE event."
- It's a Community Event and you're a Community: Come and join us.
Plenty of bicycle parking will be available and the event will be on rain, hail or shine.
Local Carbon Offsets will be purchased for this event.
Proudly presented by Maribyrnong City Council
Scott Hitchins
Sustainability Officer
Maribyrnong City Council
0411 861 412


Christie said...

WOW! Thanks for letting us know - I'm putting my name down for this one!

moo i made it said...

Yay! It actually makes me feel a lot better to hear that I've been able to tell someone else about it who can go! Please be sure to let me know how it goes. I just saw in the paper yesterday there's a free "Foods of the World" thing coming up either at Maidstone or Braybrook Community Centre next month as well - but AGAIN I can't make it coz I will be in Tassie. No fair!

Christie said...

Hey Moo - I thought of you when I was at the Yarraville festival - a little jewellery stall in the hall had a necklace featuring the cute cow picture on your header - you can find their stuff at ( but it doesn't appear to be in stock at the moment.