MACHINE REPAIR offers sewing machine repair and tune-up services for all makes and models of sewing machines.

When was the last time your machine was serviced?

Sewing Machines, Sergers, and Embroidery Machines all should be cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and tension balanced on a regular basis for trouble free use. Most problems and expensive repairs are prevented by this service.

Also consider some of the very common issues which may require repair:

  • Machine jams because of bobbin issues – It is a little known fact that using more than one type of thread on the bobbin (even if you think it is the same spool) can cause jamming. So too can using a bobbin that has been filled too much.
  • Threads snapping because of bobbin or threading – Many people forget a single step in the threading process and cause the machine to malfunction. The same occurs when bobbins are handled improperly, and this often leads to clumping of the thread.
  • Sudden stops – Modern sewing machines try to avoid the need for sewing machine repair by shutting down when overheated or when running to long. Simply powering down the machine for 30 minutes can cure this automatic locking mechanism.
  • Tension issues – Very often, even the most experienced sewers will run into trouble because the tension is too loose or too tight.
  • Loud knocking – While it may seem like there is a strong need for sewing machine repair when the machine is making a lot of noise or getting jammed easily, it is often a matter of cleanliness and not function.

Just cleaning up the machine and lubricating it with machine oil is often a remedy. This service, called “COA” (Clean Oil & Adjust), needs to be performed by a trained repair person and is recommended at least once a year for active use and once every two years for occasional use.